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Genesys InfoCAD specializes in custom software development for enterprise applications, especially for the manufacturing business.  We provide custom software to meet our clientís exact needs for both web-based internet applications as well as local-area network (LAN) applications.   We have been developing custom software in Thailand since 1995 for many types of businesses including:

  1. Trading Industry - fabric, garment, shoes, jewelry

  2. Manufacturing Industry � garment, auto-parts, valves, textiles, food, cosmetic

  3. Service Industry - franchising, rental, hotel, restaurant, insurance, spa

We have software modules that span all aspects of business processes and enterprise resource planning (ERP) such as sales, purchasing with material requirements planning (MRP), inventory management, finance, product development with bill of materials, manufacturing control, production scheduling, and HR (human resource) management.  All our modules are seamlessly integrated so that our clients have complete control of all the business functions needed to monitor and improve the efficiency of their operations. 

Genesys is led by Dr. Suthep Madarasmi who holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Minnesota and bachelorís and masterís degrees from Michigan State University, USA, all in the field of computer science. His areas of expertise include software engineering, database systems, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Suthep is currently Associate Professor and Department Head of the Computer Engineering Department, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi.  The technical staff at Genesys also includes 4 employees holding masters degrees and the remaining 9 holding bachelors degrees, all in computer science or engineering.



After 13 years of custom software development experience, we have many software applications that have become our product. Our products include:

  1. Genesys Optima II. Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.
  2. Genesys Wear Soft. Garment Manufacturing ERP Software.
  3. Genesys Coupon Scan. Coupon Barcode Scan for Garment Piece-Rate Wages.
  4. Genesys BizPac. Finance and Accounts Software for SME's.
  5. Genesys Pay I.T. Human Resource Management Software with Payroll.
  6. Genesys Suite Home. Hotel Management Software.
  7. Genesys Best Policy.  Software for Insurance Brokers.

More information can be found in the Products and Services Page.


Our core business is software development, which is a service. We provide 3 types of related services:

  1. Custom Software Applications Development Service

  2. Software Development Outsourcing Service

  3. I.T. Systems Consulting Service


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