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For about 15 years our professional team has developed a variety of software, which have been successfully applied to better manage and control the businesses of many clients. We usually create applications to fit each client’s exact needs. However, with the many years of experience, we do have a few applications that can be considered products, since they are general enough for anyone in a similar business to use. Each of our software product includes an analysis and design phase where we study our client's requirements to customize our program to meet exact needs. 

1. Genesys Optima II. Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software   More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. General Sales Management – enquiry, quotation, and orders.

  3. *Consignment Sales Management - department stores sales, credit note, etc.

  4. *Retail Outlet, POS, Sales Agent Management

  5. Purchasing and Material Resource Planning (MRP)

  6. Product Development and Bill of Materials (BOM)

  7. Inventory Management with Barcode

  8. *Subcontract Production Management

  9. Production Management

  10. *Production Planning and Scheduling

  11. *Production Process Flow and WIP Control with Barcode

  12. *Finance and Accounts

  13. *Asset  & Machinery with Depreciation

  14. *Automated Manufactured Goods Costing

  15. *QA for Purchased & Produced Goods

  16. *Human Resource (HR) Management with Payroll Processing

  17. *ISO 9000 Documentation

  18. *Export and Documentation

  19. *Logistics Management

* - Optional Modules

2. Genesys Wear Soft. Garment Manufacturing ERP Software    More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. Core Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and  Production Management Module Policy

  3. *Financial Accounting Module

  4. *Asset Management and Depreciation Module (linked to Finance)

  5. *Production Planning and Scheduling Module

  6. *Human Resource (HR) Management and Payroll Module – SOLD SEPARATELY

  7. *Sales Commission Module (can link to HR)

  8. *Coupons for Piece-Rate Payment and Production Tracking Module (can link to HR) – SOLD SEPARATELY

  9. *Subcontracted Work Management Module

  10. *Customer Enquiry Order and Quotation Module

  11. *Sampling Order Management Module

  12. *Produced Goods Job Costing Module

  13. *Retail Outlet and Consignment Sales with GP Management Module

  14. *Point of Sale (POS) Software. Linked to Head Office


3. Genesys Coupon Scan. Coupon Barcode Scan for Garment Piece-Rate Wages  More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. Stitching Operations List and Price Setup

  3. Print Coupon as Barcode Stickers

  4. Scan Coupons for Employee Piece-Rate Wages

  5. Employee Payment for Piece-Rate Work

  6. Production Status and 25 Other Reports 

4. Genesys BizPac. Finance and Accounts Software for SME's.    More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. General Sales Management – enquiry, quotation, and customer orders.

  3. Purchasing

  4. Inventory Management with Barcode

  5. Accounts Receivable – invoices, returns, credit notes, receipts from customer, other receipts

  6. Accounts Payable – purchases, returns, credit notes from supplier, payments to supplier, miscellaneous payments.

  7. Banking Management – print checks, deposits, post-dated checks, reconciliation, checks on hand, cash checks, etc.

  8. Petty Cash Ledger

  9. Full Accounting - account chart, GL, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet.

  10. Export and Documentation

5. Genesys Pay I.T. Human Resource Management Software with Payroll.  More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. Employee Information

  3. Import / Export data from Daily Time Card Machine

  4. Periodic (15 days or 30 days) Work Records Summary

  5. Employee training and seminar experiences

  6. Set Monthly Sales Target for Sales Staff

  7. Change Salary Information System

  8. Income and Deductions Setup

  9. Pay Slip with Income, Deductions, Taxes.

  10. Export data for Bank Transfer for ATM for your bank.

  11. Online leave request and sick, vacation leave reports

  12. Can link to sales commission system, coupons for wages system, and finance system.

6. Genesys Suite Home. Hotel Management Software More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. Guest, Group, Agency, Company Setup 

  3. Setup Room Types each with different rate per season.

  4. Seasons setup per day (full control)

  5. Room Information and Availability Dates

  6. Charges, Discounts, Payments Setup with optional Service Charge and Tax

  7. Room Reservation System including Amenities with Multiple (Group) reservations support

  8. Room Check-in / Check-out with Multiple (Group) Check-in support

  9. Room Reassignment

  10. Enter Charges into Folio

  11. Manage Charges: View, Transfer, Delete, Split.

  12. Print Guest Folio

  13. Transfer Charges to Agent/Group Folio

  14. Hotel Business Unit Support (Restaurant, Spa, Laundry)

  15. House Cleaning Support

  16. Mini Bar Support

  17. Night Manager Functions

  18. *Inventory Management for Assets and Supplies

  19. *Fully Integrated Financial Accounting System


7. Genesys Best Policy. Insurance Brokerage Business Software  More Detail

  1. Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Design Approval.

  2. Customer, Agent, Insurance Company Setup

  3. Customer Order Entry for Request for Quotation

  4. Customer Order Confirmation Entry

  5. Policies supported include fire, motor, marine, burglary, health, PA, life, construction, and miscellaneous policies.

  6. Data entry of policy details with search features

  7. Print Customer Invoices (linked accounts receivable from customer and payable to insurance company)

  8. Checks and Cash Receiving from Clients

  9. Payments to Insurance Company

  10. Commissions from Insurance Company

  11. Commissions to Agents

  12. Claims Management

  13. Renewal Notice

  14. Endorsement and Amendments including credit note and debit note

  15. Group Policy management

  16. Fleet and multiple insured items management

  17. *Fully integrated to accounting functions

  18. *Quotation Module




Genesys Infocad is committed to satisfy the needs of each client by providing a tailor-made solution for managing the client’s business functions. We provide three different kinds of development services, that you may choose as explained below.

1. Custom Software Development Service

In the software development service, we provide a custom software for your exact business needs. Most businesses are different and do not fit a mold that software packages may force you to fit. We personally custom-fit you with the application that precisely meets your requirements. We begin with  the Analysis & Design stage where we interact closely with you to gather all the necessary information. To make sure the product meets your needs, we have an extensive review process to confirm the design. Only then do we proceed with the software development phase. Many software companies do not bother with an extensive design phase, meaning the requirements are not well-captured.  By focusing on design and by presenting the design in a manner that users can easily comprehend, the first release of our software product usually requires very little change. In addition, our client feels secure knowing they have had a good chance to review their needs prior to development or customization.

For each stage of production, a formal weekly status report is prepared to inform our client of the status. Thus, our customers know the exact status and when to expect the completed software or requested changes.

2. Software Outsourcing Service

We also service companies seeking professional help for their own development team by providing software outsourcing service. Our involvement will be at the level agreed upon with each client.  Once completed, the source code belongs to the client, thus making it easy for future modifications. Some clients even ask us only to perform analysis and design of the software for them, since they plan to develop via their own development team.   As a company we have the strength both as analyst and as developer, which may not be the case with many other software development companies.

3. I.T. Systems Consulting Service

We provide consulting services in any aspect of software development. We have been requested to assist in writing requirement specifications, designing interfaces, implementing a software package, validating a product, and project management. We can also help you draft a plan to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes through the effective use of information technology.


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